Most Sundays we have a service in English (10:00) and Spanish (12:30). But six times a year we instead all gather together for a bilingual worship service (11:00). Also sprinkled throughout the year are unique services (e.g. Ash Wednesday, services for healing and wholeness, intensive prayer gatherings, etc).


10:00 Gathering (English)


Whether it's the first or one-thousandth time you're coming on a Sunday our purpose is the same: We gather to worship and encounter the living God.


This community has become multicultural and intergenerational. Every time we gather we revolve around what God's Word is saying to us that day. There is opportunity to pray, sing, be challenged, and be comforted. 





12:30 Gathering (Espanol)


Si es la primera o la milésima vez que vas a venir el domingo nuestro propósito es el mismo: Nos reunimos para adorar y encontrar al Dios vivo.


Esta comunidad es multicultural e intergeneracional. Cada vez que nos reunimos giremos alrededor de lo que la Palabra de Dios nos está diciendo ese día. Hay oportunidad para orar, cantar, ser desafiados y ser consolados.





Bilingual Services


When we come together and worhsip in two languages we have the opportunity to see the unifying work of God! Elements of different styles of worship are woven together around inspiraitonal Biblical preaching.







Special Services


Several times throughout the year we gather for unique services that are more experiential. We provide those who gather with fresh and creative ways to express their faith, find the Holy Spirit's work in their life, and bless others.