Patty Ellsworth

Patty was raised near Berkeley, California in a non-Christian home, but started attending a “Young Life” group during High School.  She came to have faith in God, even through struggling with not knowing the answers to all her questions.  At 22 years old, to fill a need in her small church, she became an Elder and has been serving for almost 40 years.  Being an elder has put her in positions to help her understand the working of the church, to learn to submit to God’s call and desires, including learning God’s grace must flow through her, learning to set her ego to the side and to grow in spiritual giftedness, to speak the truth in love and kindness, and to remember God is always with her, and with us as a church.  Patty loves that no matter the size of the congregation at CPPC, she always feels the presence of the Holy Spirit.