Music is an important gift from God to express thoughts, emotions and faith in powerful ways. CPPC uses music in various forms and styles to both build our sense of community and offer ourselves to God in worship. Some of the music we use was written yesterday, and some was written centuries ago.  We’re not limited by trying to fit into any one musical box! We welcome everyone to participate in the music of our church whether you sing or play an instrument.

Singing Together Sundays


We sing a large variety of music. Sometimes you will hear guitar, piano and drum. Other times you will hear organ, brass, or choir. If music is as important to how you express your faith as it is to us then you will find this church community increasingly meaningful.  



Our choir is more like a group-fellowship that gets together because we all like singing! The choir helps lead worship once a month, and then meets together for growth, encouragement and singing three Thursday evenings each month.


There is no specific level of musicianship required. The point is to use the awesome gift God gave us of singing and music as the perfect excuse to come together.