Music is an important gift from God to express thoughts, emotions and faith in powerful ways. CPPC uses music in various forms and styles to both build our sense of community and offer ourselves to God in worship. Some of the music we use was written yesterday, and some was written centuries ago.  We’re not limited by trying to fit into any one musical box! We welcome everyone to participate in the music of our church whether you sing or play an instrument.

The sense of community at CPPC is empowered by a network of smaller groups called Life Fellowship Groups (LFG's). Some of these groups study the Bible together weekly, others study the message that the pastor will give on Sunday, others focus on how to tangibly practice discipleship to Jesus Christ, and still others connect with people that are curious about Christianity or that are new to faith. LFG's are the church's backbone for people to find personal support, encouragement, growth, and to exercise their life’s purpose. 

Providing a creative, fun and faith-inspiring ministry for children (and their families) has become central to CPPC. The church is moving forward into a fresh season of life and our new young families are our priority. On Sundays we want families to stay together as much as possible. Therefore, the children only have their separate time while the pastor is giving the message. All the children then come back for the end of the gathering (usually with a craft to proudly show off!) and to sing a final song all-together.

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