What Is A Life Fellowship Group?


As God made us for community, we believe in the importance of gathering together regularly to share in each others lives. Life Fellowship Groups (LFG's) are where all people can build personal relationships and practice applying the Gospel to life.


Some of these groups study the Bible together weekly, others study the message that the pastor will give on Sunday, others focus on how to tangibly practice discipleship to Jesus Christ, and still others connect with people that are curious about Christianity or that are new to faith. LFG's are the way for people to find personal support, encouragement, growth, and to exercise their life’s purpose. 


There are a wide variety of groups that you can explor here. Each one is eager to welcome you in! For more info email: cppc.lfg@gmail.com

Bo & Melanie
When:  Thursdays (2nd /4th)
Time:   8:00 pm
Where:  Winnetka

This LFG has people new to faith mixed with those that have been on the journey for some time. Understanding the life as disciples of Jesus is the focus. Find fellowship, growth, enouragment  and life together.

Hania & Nabeel
When:  Wednesdays
Time:   7:00 pm
Where:  West Hills

This LFG is for individuals who want to spend quality time together with others growing in their faith. Fellowship, growth, encouragement, and more is all included.

Good Soil Ladies
When:  Mondays (1st / 3rd)
Time:   7:00 pm
Where:  West Hills

We invite ladies to meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 7-8:30 pm. We study the Bible to know God's Word for our lives, have fellowship as we share praises and prayer requests, and we even like to sing. We also support missionaries with our prayers and donations.

We pray to be the good soil where the seeds of the Word are firmly rooted and can produce the fruits of the Spirit.









Patty & Kirk
When:  Saturdays
Time:   9:00 am
Where:  Canoga Park

This Life Fellowship Group meets on the CPPC campus on Saturdays. we focus on community with each other as we grow in faith together. Hopw to see you sometime!

When:  Sundays
Time:   11:45 am
Where:  Canoga Park

This group is studying the life do discipleship together. Come to build community around others who are exploring life guided by God!

When:  Thursdays 
Time:   10:00 am
Where:  Canoga Park

This LFG meets on the CPPC campus and is open to all. If evenings are hard for you to make then we have the perfect solution, join us!